When and where will the voting take place?

On Thursday, May 16th, 2019 6-9PM at Reed College, Vollum College Center, Lecture Hall.                                         

How long will the voting period be open?

You may cast your ballots between 6pm – 9pm. You do not have to attend either the Board meeting or the Membership Meeting to vote, but you must show up in person in order to receive a ballot.

Who is eligible to vote, and how do I prove I’m an eligible member?

Persons (not legal entities) over the age of 18 are eligible to be a member. This includes renters, home owners, non-resident property owners, students, and resident business/institution. Members wishing to vote must present a valid photo ID with home address in order to receive a ballot

Will each trust on a property be entitled to a vote?

No. If you own one Eastmoreland property, or multiple properties, or are named on one thousand trusts, you still are eligible to receive only one (1) ballot.

Why is the board not allowing for 24-hour voting?

24-hour voting is not and has not been considered as an option for ENA elections to date. There are no provisions for extended voting in our current or proposed bylaws, and no means by which we can secure the sanctity of the vote over a 24-hour period.

Who runs the election and counts the votes?

Southeast Uplift (SEUL) staff will be present to oversee ENA volunteers conducting voter registration. ENA’s Election Committee organizes registration volunteers and logistics. Southeast Uplift sta will secure and verify ballots, count votes, and announce the results in
the days after the election. All records of the voting process will be securely retained at the SEUL office.

Can I volunteer to help run the election?

Yes! Contact Election Chair, George Bengston, to sign up as a volunteer. gwbengtson@gmail.com

What am I voting on this year?

Members are voting on the proposed Bylaw revision, and on candidates for open positions on the board. All voting will be by numbered paper ballots. Ballots will include the names of candidates provided by the Nominating Committee as well as space for write-in candidates if recognized.

There are seven board positions open. Each member will be able to vote for up to seven
candidates. Candidates receiving a majority of votes will be elected for a three-year term

Voting for more than seven (7) candidates will disqualify your ballot from being counted.

Will the ENA be providing a copy of the revised bylaws with the proposed changes clearly identified?

Yes, the proposed changes are available on our website:

You will be able to view a clean version of the proposed bylaws, as well as a marked-up version explain the changes made.

Additionally, we will have copies of the final version of the proposed bylaws on-hand for review when you come to cast your ballot. However, due to the complexity of the document and the changes proposed, we strongly recommend you review the bylaws before you arrive to vote.

Can we propose amendments to the proposed bylaws during the meeting?

No. The bylaws committee provided a two-month comment period during which amendments could be proposed. That two-month public comment period is now closed. Additionally, we cannot amend Bylaws that have not been officially adopted. We will not now the elections results until SEUL has verified the final vote count which will take several days.

Why am I getting notice for two meetings on the 16th?
What is the difference between a board meeting and the member meeting?

The ENA Board of Directors will hold its regular monthly meeting. The Membership meeting will follow. The Membership Meeting is an opportunity for Eastmoreland neighbors to vote for new directors, to hear a report on Board business to date, and to share their concerns and feedback with the board and with other members of the community.

Why is it important for me to attend the member meeting?

This is your opportunity to choose who will sit on the Board of Directors for the ENA. The Board has executive power – the ability to make decisions and take actions that are important to you.

How do I request a topic for discussion?

The Member Meeting Agenda will open for member suggestions in early May. If you miss the call for agenda requests, and you would like to add a topic for discussion, you may request to do so at the beginning of the Membership Meeting. Additions to the agenda require a vote of affirmation by the board and will be contingent on the time remaining
after previous topics are considered.

Can I propose changes to the agenda at the meeting?

Yes, members may request that a topic be added to the agenda, time allowing. The board will vote to approve the final agenda and may accept new topics for discussion if time allows.

Items that are requested for the agenda at the May 16th meeting are not guaranteed time for discussion. They will be included if time allows.

Are there any criteria for topics of discussion? Topics of discussion must be on the agenda. Member comments during the meeting must direct their comments to the chair; must be relevant to the agenda item; and members
must be respectful to other participants — or the speaker may risk being called out of order and asked to cede the floor.

Do I have to be present to vote on topics at the meeting?

There will be no vote held during the meeting. All voting will take place in the lobby outside the lecture hall. The membership is not empowered to vote on matters other than the proposed bylaws and director positions. The Membership meeting is not a legislative body and does not have executive authority, so members may not make motions or call a vote during the Annual Membership Meeting.

How much time will be allotted for discussion of speciopics?

The Chair will determine how much time each member may hold the floor during discussion depending on the time remaining, and on how many people indicate their desire to speak.

Will members be allowed to speak during the meeting?

Yes, we encourage members to participate during the Annual Membership meeting. However, all members are expected to participate in good faith by abiding the rules of order, recognizing the authority of the chair, and ceding the floor when time or rules dictate.

Will we hear from the candidates during the member

No. Time does not allow for each candidate to give a speech during the meeting.

Can board nominations be made from the floor?

Yes. Nominations will be accepted from the floor with three signatures of member support. Nominees meeting the criteria will be accepted as write-in candidates on the paper ballot.