An appeal to neighbors for financial support to ENA

August 10, 2015

Dear Neighbors:

Each year it is important to request funds from each of you to carry out the activities and functions that help make our neighborhood the wonderful place it is. All of these activities are overseen by our neighbors (ENA Board members and many other remarkable neighbors with special expertise and skills). While the neighborhood association has no overhead, there are a myriad of expenses that must be incurred to maintain functions and activities no longer supported by the city.

We are fortunate to live in one of the most favored neighborhoods in the city. Our trees, landscaped yards, and gardens are remarkable. The diversity of housing and the number of young adults and children contribute to the viability of Eastmoreland.

Obviously, many of the activities that make our neighborhood special require money:

  • Care and maintenance of the Eastmoreland garden and the Reed College Place Parkway (no longer maintained by the city)
  • Land use, zoning, and building code issues and demolition/developers
  • We are struggling to retain our zoning and to reverse the trend of our homes’ demolitions and construction of “developers” housing
  • Yearly events: 4th of July parade, garage sale, neighborhood cleanup, etc.
  • Our involvement and monitoring of infrastructure and environmental issues such as the light rail, the railroad impacts, street modifications, etc.
  • Communication with our neighbors through the Newsletter, Webb site, and mailings
  • Yearly inoculations of our Elm trees, and tree plantings

Without association fees, dues or assessments, we must depend upon your voluntary donations. The Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association’s yearly budget, to minimally fund the functions and activities, is $57,000.   There are 928 homes in Eastmoreland, and allowing for some folks not being able to donate this year, we are requesting a donation for this current budget year of $150.00 from each ENA resident. This is a small amount considering the investment in your home.

PLEASE …. This is your neighborhood.  We need your support to fund the activities with which we are striving to maintain and improve our wonderful neighborhood.

Join me in funding the ENA for the next year….   Many thanks!


Robert McCullough


Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association



Mail your donations, payable to Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, to PO Box 82520, Portland, Oregon 97282

Or drop them in my mailbox at 6123 SE Reed College Place, Portland, Oregon 97202

Or use your credit card at


To Reed College Place Neighbors…….

An added note to the folks who live on Reed College Place:  This fall we hope to perform a maintenance pruning of the Parkway Linden trees.  It has been almost five years since the last pruning.  To maintain their health and beauty it is vital to prune every five years.

As mentioned in the attached letter to the entire neighborhood, the annual, average budget is $50K+.  This covers the standard maintenance of the parkway, but does not fully cover the tree pruning.

So, once again, we are asking the RCP neighbors to be sure to donate, at least, the requested amount, and more if you can.

Thanks for your help in keeping our Parkway beautiful.


Robert “Bud” Oringdulph