An Update From Your Land Use Committee


For those who signed up to be on our mailing list at the November open house…do not despair. We now have the address list in usable form that we will deploy to update you on our ongoing efforts and on related developments. If you would like to be added to our email list, or would like to provide a comment, please email the ENA Land Use Committee at

Special Plan District Implementation strategy

First drafts are under development. This will take some time for discussion and testing. We plan to deliver a draft to the ENA Board for a preview in late March and consideration of a draft adoption possibly as soon as late April. A second open house date has yet to be established, likely late May or June.

Demolition notification

During the Christmas/New Year’s holiday Dilusso Homes brought in a backhoe and flattened the bungalow at 3725 S.E. Ogden. Neither the immediate neighbors nor the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association was notified ahead of time.

Because the destroyed home was built in 1950, the ENA was very concerned that proper lead paint/asbestos procedures had not been followed. Our subsequent complaint to OSHA on December 28th lead to a discovery of lead paint at the job site, resulting in an OSHA Citation. If further problems are uncovered, OSHA will fine Dilusso Homes.

As discussed in the February issue of the “Bee” the ENA is spearheading an effort to get city officials to clearly define when a “remodel” becomes a partial or full demolition and to require notification for such
work. Commissioner Dan Saltzman informed ENA Board member Kimberly Koehler that as long as the floor joists and the foundation remain, as in the Ogden Street case, the project is defined as a “remodel.” Photographs show that in fact most of the original floor was removed indicating that the definition is not universally understood. The distinction is important: Demolitions may require advance notice to the neighborhood and are more likely to be monitored for safe practices.

At the February ENA Board meeting, a motion was passed requesting the City to provide a reasonable definition of “demolition” and to require notice to affected residents. Subsequently, ENA Land Use Committee members discussed the situation on Ogden street at S.E. Uplift, the umbrella organization that serves nearly two dozen neighborhoods. Those attending voted to ask city officials to better define demolition. At the March 21st Board meeting, the ENA Board is expected to approve final wording for the previously adopted motion as follows:

“The ENA Board requests that Notice be provided to the Neighborhood Association and immediate neighbors of the affected property by the City of Portland upon receiving an application for approval for partial or full demolition. “Demolition” for purposes of such notification is defined as removal of 50 percent or more of the enclosed volume of an existing habitable structure. The notification would be required to be delivered via U.S. mail 45 days prior to implementing the proposed demolition. The purpose of the notification is primarily to enable neighbors to prepare for and accommodate such demolition, and secondly to clarify City records tracking year built dates to reflect such major reconstruction or additions for the historic public record and data mapping.”

The Land Use Committee will continue in efforts to enlist support from SE Uplift and from constituent neighborhoods for these regulatory changes.

Historic Inventory

A subcommittee led by Joanne Carlson is forming to conduct an historic resource inventory of homes in the area- at this point for educational purposes. We are recruiting for additional assistance. If you would like to join this effort please contact Joanne at or 503 771-9544.

Comprehensive Plan News

As this news will likely arrive past timely, I will simply refer to the documents available on the project website .
Look for these items:

  • Companion Guide to comprehensive plan draft 1.
  • Working Draft 1 goals and policies available on line. No maps yet.
  • Public Workshops presenting the draft and smaller group discussions focusing on defined topics will follow. 1.5 hours. SE sessions scheduled for February and March.

Request a presentation and discussion

Neighborhood, business, interest-based and community groups may host a Comprehensive Plan Update presentation and discussion. Call Marty Stockton at (503) 823-2041 to schedule. Survey You can take the online survey by clicking on the link above or by visiting the Comprehensive Plan Update webpage.