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ENA Board Meeting, Thursday, March 21st, 7-9 PM, Reed College, Elliot Hall, Rm. 416

DRAFT AGENDA (click here for a printable PDF)

6:55      Sign-in (5 minutes)

7:00        Introductions, name placards

7:05        Approval of the agenda – Board

7:10        Approval of Meeting Notes –Review andadoption of February minutes

7:15        Tree Committee –Planting Masterplan. Tree Committee members (35min)

7:50        Bylaws Update

5.1) Clarify exception to term limits, 5.3) Clarify minimum % votes needed to be elected,                   
8.1) Clarify all meeting voting limited to elections and modifications of bylaws and A of I,
12.2)Clarify process for dispensing funds consistent with Policies and Procedures,                  
Board Decision to include on ballot.

8:10        Committee Reports

  • Nominations and Elections Committees – Rod Merrick (5 minutes)
  • Green Spaces Maintenance Funding Task Force – Clark Nelson & Allyson Peterson (5 minutes)
  • Communications Committee Report – Kristiana Nelson (5 min)
    •  Newsletter/Bulletin- eNewsletter content. Joe Dudman (5 min)
  • Schools Committee- Matt Timberlake and George Bengston(5 min)
  • SEUL Board Report –  Nelson(5 min)
  • SEUL Land  Use and Transportation Report – Brightbill(5 min)
  • Transportation/Parking/Sidewalks Krause (5 minutes)
  • Land Use Update: Rod Merrick (10 minutes)
    • RIP project – PSC vote and way forward to Council Testimony.
    • Legislative Report.
    • Historic District – update
    • Notices and requested comment from City
    • Land Use Discussion

8:55        Final Comments and Adjourn

Agenda Requests for April. To request a topic for listing on the Draft Agenda, please contact 14 days prior to the Board Meeting date. To receive notice of the agenda by email, please go to the ENA webpage, scroll down and enter your name and email. In accordance with our 2018 Communications Policy, this email list is used only to communicate with our members. Thank you.

ENA Board Meeting, Thursday, May 17, 2018, 6:30-7:25 PM, Reed College, Elliot Hall, Rm. 416

ENA Board Meeting, Thursday, May 17, 2018, 6:30-7:25 PM
Reed College, Elliot Hall, Rm. 416


6:25     Sign-in, pizza for Board Members (5 minutes)

6:30        Introductions, name cards (5 minutes)-Rod Merrick

6:35        Approval of the agenda (5 minutes)

6:40        Review and approve minutes for April – George Bengston.

6:45        2018 Communications Policy – Review of Recommended Draft – Kristiana Nelson and Committee. Motion to adopt 2018 Communications Policy as recommended by the Communications Committee. (15 minutes)

7:00        ENA/ Duniway PTA Clean up Day 2018 – Matt Morozovsky

7:10        Annual Meeting  Preview

  1. Agenda overview
  2. Roles of Members and Directors

7:25        Adjourn to Annual Meeting of Members

2018 ENA Board of Directors Election Information and Candidates


When and where will the voting take place?

On Thursday, May 17th at Reed College, Vollum Hall, Lecture.                                          Registration begins at 6 PM and voting ends at 9 PM.

The Bylaws do not allow proxy voting or voting by mail or email; you must be present to vote.

Voting will be by paper ballot only.

Nominations to the Board?

The Nominating Committee has prepared a list of eligible candidates for the seven open positions. The call for nominations has closed to allow sufficient time for preparations to announce the candidates and prepare the ballots. Candidate names together with a short statement are listed after the FAQs below or click here for a printable PDF.

The bylaws provide for a maximum of 21 Directors on the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Board of Directors with one third of the positions up for election each year.  This year there are 7 positions open with 14 Directors continuing in office. The seven candidates receiving the largest number of votes will be elected for a three year term (2018-2021).

If requested by a Member in the Annual Meeting, the ENA Board may consider recognizing additional nominations by petition when approving the agenda. If so recognized, applicants will provide the completed application form including the required sponsor signatures to the Secretary and will then be a qualified write-in candidate.

Who is Eligible to Vote?

Article 5 of the 2007 Bylaws ( FILE 1), defines eligible Members, and only eligible Members have the privilege to vote.

Persons (not legal entities) over the age of 18 are eligible to be a Member.

What is the Process for Registering to Vote?

  • Full Time Resident: You will need to show your photo ID with an address within the Eastmoreland N.A. boundaries to confirm eligibility and to indicate that you consider yourself a Member of the Association as required by State of Oregon statute  to receive a ballot.
  • Non-resident Property Owner: You will need to provide evidence of property ownership within the Eastmoreland NA boundaries as well as photo ID and home address to confirm eligibility and to indicate that you  consider yourself a Member of the Association as required by State of Oregon statute  to receive a ballot. If you own one or multiple properties, you are eligible to receive only one ballot.
  • Resident Business or Institution: Business license holders or one designated representative of a business, nonprofit organization, school or church located within Eastmoreland’s boundaries (as defined in the Bylaws) is eligible to be a member. The individual or representative will be required to show evidence upon registration that they are entitled to represent the organization in question in a way that can be easily verified. Note: A business entity holding title to property but whose owner’s primary place of business is not within Eastmoreland’s boundaries is not eligible for membership.

Who is in charge of the Election?

Southeast Uplift staff will be present to oversee ENA volunteers conducting voter registration. ENA’s Election Committee organizes registration volunteers and logistics. Southeast Uplift staff will secure and verify ballots, count votes, and announce the results in the days after the election. All records of the voting process will be securely retained at the SEUL office.

How will we vote?

All voting will be by numbered paper ballots. Ballots will include the names of candidates provided by the Nominating Committee as well as space for write-in candidates if recognized. Each member will be able to vote for up to 7 candidates. Voting for more than 7 candidates will disqualify your ballot from being counted. Carefully count your votes!

Also included on the ballot will be the opportunity to vote for (or against) the recommended amendments to the ENA Bylaws. (

How are Officers elected?

The newly elected Board of Directors will elect Officers for the coming year at a subsequent Special Board Meeting for that purpose only.

(Vote for seven. Click here for a printable PDF.)

Incumbents running for re-election

  • George Bengtson (27-year resident). Pursuant to Scout Law, I pledge to be: 



  • Rod Merrick (38-year resident). I care about the future of our city and beautiful neighborhood. We must work together to guide change. With our excellent Board, I have provided responsible leadership to address the challenges ahead.
  • Clark Nelson (23-year resident). While serving on the board for 6 years, I have worked on environmental and land use issues. Moving forward, I would like to work building a cohesive neighborhood.

Candidates running for election

  • Dinah Adkins (13-year resident). I love Eastmoreland’s architecture, trees and friendly people and hope to contribute further to ENA. After assisting with recent bylaws revisions, I hope to help develop new policies and procedures.
  • Stephen Bache (4-year resident). I am a proponent of good stewardship and community consensus.
  • Todd Bauman (30+-year resident). Former ENA Board member. I am a graduate of Duniway, Cleveland, Stanford and the University of Chicago Law School. I have resided in Eastmoreland continuously since 1988.
  • Colin Folawn (24-year resident). Let’s focus on shared values and matters of common purpose. Let’s work together to encourage better communication, fiscal responsibility, stewardship of green spaces and greater neighborhood involvement.
  • Allyson Peterson (2+-year resident). I am a creative problem solver with a passion for preservation and a love of Eastmoreland. I would be honored to serve my neighborhood on the ENA Board.
  • Matt Timberlake (5+-year resident). I will work hard to keep Eastmoreland as beautiful and welcoming as my family and I have found it to be, and to bring our neighborhood together.

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness House Parties

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness House Parties

Last year the Eastmoreland Emergency Preparedness Committee launched an educational program aimed at teaching our neighbors how to prepare for a widespread emergency. Our neighborhood is resuming this program again this year and we are requesting volunteers from each block in Eastmoreland to host two evening “block parties”. These parties will be taught by a trained neighborhood emergency responder and will cover information on the types of disasters most likely to occur in Portland and how to prepare for these disasters for yourself, your family and as a block. The goal of these preparedness parties is for our neighborhood to achieve the most positive outcome possible when disaster strikes. It is a startling fact that if a widespread disaster were to occur, Portland’s emergency response system (police, fire and medical teams) would be overwhelmed. Most likely, during a disaster you will need to depend on yourself and your neighbors. By hosting the two block parties you will learn how to be prepared for disaster, your neighbors’ skill sets and resources and establish or strengthen neighborhood ties.

We are ready to schedule these block parties once you contact us. Again, we will bring all the educational materials and instruct the programs, you just need to invite your neighbors and open your home. Help us build a more resilient community! Please consider volunteering to be a host.  For more information or to sign up as a host send us an email at