Elections & Board of Directors

The 2020 ENA Board of Directors Election Results Are In

The results provided by SE Uplift rendered the following:

  • A total of 576 ballots were submitted (497 online ballots; 79 paper ballots)

Organized highest to lowest. The top 7 new directors all received a majority of votes:

  • David Dowell (341 votes or 59%)
  • Corianda Leste (339 votes or 59%)
  • Joseph Dudman (338 votes or 59%)
  • Dianne Levinson (338 votes or 59%)
  • Alison Derse (326 votes or 57%)
  • Andrew Centybear (308 votes or 53%)
  • Kristiana Nelson (300 votes or 52%)

All other candidates received less than 50% of the votes:

  • Tom Brown (234 votes or 41%)
  • Colin Jeffery Fowlawn (227 votes or 39%)
  • James Kahan (121 votes or 21%)

Congratulations and welcome to the newly elected board members! And, thanks everybody for voting!

Click here for the 2020 Annual Members’ Meeting presentation.


2019/2020 ENA Board

Rod Merrick. President
Matthew Timberlake, Vice President
Dinah Adkins, Secretary
David Dowell, Treasurer
Todd Bauman
George Bengtson
Lila Brightbill
Joe Dudman
William Hedges
Paul Henson
Tom Hubka
Kurt Krause
Peter Lamb
Russell Monson
Tim Moore
Clark Nelson
Kristiana Nelson
Andy Payne
Allyson Peterson
Christian Solsby

The meetings of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association Board are held on the third Thursday of the month, except July and August, from 7 to 9 p.m. Meetings are located in the neighborhood at either Reed College or the Duniway School Library. Check News & Updates, on this website, each month for the date, location, and time.

Board members and officers are elected each year at the General Membership Meeting in May.

All meetings are open to the public.

The mailing address for the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association is PO Box 82520, Portland, OR 97282.