Dear Eastmoreland Neighbor,

Thank you for taking the time to review the proposed changes to our Neighborhood Association bylaws.  Thanks to those who took time to submit comments by the May 7th closing date. Your Board of Directors suggests that members approve the recommended update to the Association’s bylaws in the interest of working together to cultivate a stronger, more resilient community.

We recommend you review the bylaws documents in the following order:

  1. Review the existing  2007 bylaws (File 1).
  2. View the slides (File 2). This document explains:
    1. The goals for the revision process
    2. Charts the reorganization of the bylaws
    3. Highlights significant changes for each proposed article
  3. Read the finalized recommended bylaws (File 3).
  4. Review the compilation of eight comments received and how the Bylaws Taskforce addressed each (File 6).

If you would like to drill down on the proposed changes, (File 4 – version 2.0; and File 5 – version 3.0) provide more detailed information. Please start with File 5 (the most recent changes). These documents track changes by: showing deletions of the original language indicated with a strike-through; highlighting additions indicated by underlined text; and includes commentary in the right margin with brief explanations as to why proposed changes were made.

Changes to the bylaws can only be made at an all member meeting of the Association by a two-thirds majority vote of those present. The bylaws were last updated in 2007 and although several efforts have been made to address the deficiencies none were completed.  These bylaws are being developed with a level of careful scrutiny by a committed team of five in addition to multiple reviews by the Board, an informational meeting for our neighbors April 5 and an email dedicated to receiving comment. Your participation in reviewing and supporting this adoption is very important!

The goals for the update include aligning the 2018 bylaws with Oregon law and making them easy to read and efficient for our neighborhood association to use. The drafting process included several options for the Board to consider based on the few comments received from our neighbors around two questions: term limits for Director positions and participation in Committees of the Board. The Board chose to add term limits and to retain the role of committees  that aligns with the Articles of Incorporation as well as ONI recommendations.

The intent of the update is to be neutral in terms of the rights and responsibilities of the neighborhood association and its members. The statutory requirement for members to opt-in to the association is an Oregon statute requirement for membership.  

In April, your Board of Directors voted unanimously to recommend version 3.0 for adoption. In the event that further substantive changes are adopted by the Board, the final recommended version  will be posted and identified with updated version number not less than 7 days in advance of the May 17 Annual Meeting of the Membership.

Please review these documents, and send your questions, comments, and suggestions to bylaws@eastmorelandpdx.org.  With specific recommendations, please refer to the section and paragraph and explain the rationale for your concern or suggested change. If possible, include proposed new wording that incorporates your suggestion.

PLEASE NOTE: All comments on the draft must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, May 7, 2018.  The Bylaws Committee will make the final draft publicly available on May 10, 2018.  No changes will be made to the final draft in the 7-day period before the vote.  THE LAST SEVEN (7) DAYS WILL BE RESERVED FOR MEMBER REVIEW IN PREPARATION FOR THE FINAL VOTE.

Thanks for taking your time to understand and improve out Association bylaws.

Process Outline and Schedule for 2018 Bylaws Update

Bylaws Revision Timeline

File 1 – Existing bylaws adopted in 2007


File 2 – ENA meeting bylaws consolidated presentations

Eastmoreland Bylaws Consolidated Presentations

File 3 – Recommended bylaws

Recommended bylaws update

File 4 – Proposed bylaws version 2.0 showing detailed changes from original

Eastmoreland Bylaws rev 2.0 tracked changes

File 5 – Proposed bylaws version 3.0 showing detailed changes from original

Eastmoreland Bylaws rev 3.0 tracked changes 

File 6 – Compilation and disposition of suggestions for the bylaws update

Compilation and disposition of suggestions for the bylaws update