Dear Eastmoreland Neighbor,

Thank you for taking the time to review the proposed changes to our Neighborhood Association bylaws.  This is your chance to provide us with your feedback and help us together cultivate a stronger, more resilient community.

We recommend you review the bylaws documents in the following order:

  1. Review the existing  2007 bylaws (File 1).
  2. View the slides (File 2). This document explains:
    1. The goals for the revision process
    2. Charts the reorganization of the bylaws
    3. Highlights significant changes for each proposed article
  3. Read the current proposed bylaws draft (File 3).

If you would like to drill down on the proposed changes, (File 4) provides more detailed information.  This document tracks changes by: showing deletions of the original language indicated with a strike-through; highlighting additions indicated by underlined text; and includes commentary in the right margin with brief explanations as to why proposed changes were made.

Be aware that the bylaws revisions are a work in progress.  The documents posted here will be subsequently modified and re-posted from time to time.  Revised documents will be identified with updated version number.

Please review these documents, and send your questions, comments, and suggestions to  Please include the line number(s), explain the rationale for your concern or suggested change, and if possible, include proposed new wording that incorporates your suggestion.

Process Outline and Schedule for 2018 Bylaws Update

Bylaws Revision Timeline

File 1 – Existing bylaws adopted in 2007


File 2 – ENA Meeting Bylaws Update Presentation

Bylaws Presentation for the Board 15 Mar 2018v3b

File 3 – Proposed bylaws version 2.0

Eastmoreland Bylaws rev 2.0 for comment

File 4 – Proposed bylaws version 2.0 showing detailed changes from original

Eastmoreland Bylaws rev 2.0 tracked changes