Eastmoreland tree planting – Saturday, Dec. 12

Help keep Eastmoreland green by planting a tree this year.

Eastmoreland appears verdant when you drive through, but we know that there are over 700 blank places where street trees could be planted, and many of our older trees are nearing the end of their lives. You can help keep Eastmoreland cool in the summer and green year-round by taking advantage of Friends of Trees’ special offer this year: all regular trees are only $35, and some native conifers are even free. This is a great chance to clean up the air, enhance the quality of your street,  and get to know your neighbors.

The key dates are:

Monday, November 9 – cutoff for getting your strip inspected by the city, so you need to start the process before this date. You start by opening an account at the Friends of Trees website.

Monday, November 23 – deadline for actually ordering your tree(s) from Friends of Trees.

Saturday, December 12 – the Saturday we will be putting the trees in the ground; bound to be sunny and warm.

This year several neighborhoods will be staging together  at Our Lady of Sorrows Church,   5239 SE Woodstock. We start with breakfast at 8:45 a.m., go out in teams to plant trees, and then gather for a potluck lunch about noon. Like last year, this will probably be the biggest planting date of the year for Friends of Trees, so they are also looking for extra volunteers with trucks to deliver trees.

If you have any questions, please contact Eastmoreland planting coordinator Tim Moore at 571-282-9644, or email at blind.moore@gmail.com.