Eastmoreland Trivia: Street Name Changes

As you may know, recently a number of corner curbsides in Eastmoreland have been retrofitted to accommodate handicap and wheelchair access. This is a great thing. Due to construction what got lost on some were the names of the streets, before they werechanged to numbered names, that were stamped in the original concrete between 1909 and 1911. Keep your eyes peeled and look down as some of these original stamps can still be found around the neighborhood. Thanks to the nice reference librarian at the Multnomah Public library I was quickly sent electronic copies of Eastmoreland plat maps. The one for 1911 is the only one that showed the names West of Reed College Place. The others only showed numbered streets that are still the same. Too big to copy the map in the newsletter, I thought it would be fun to share some of the names.
Now/28th Avenue. SE Then (1911)/Normandy
Now/29th Avenue SE. Then (1911)/Wilshire
Now/30th Avenue SE. Then (1911)/Iroquis
Now/31st Avenue SE. Then (1911)/Alvarado
Now/32nd Avenue SE. Then (1911)/Lewellyn.
— Alison Starkey