Emergency ENA Meeting – July 7

An emergency meeting of the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association Board has been called for Monday, July 7 at 6:30 p.m. at President Robert McCullough’s “Garage Mahal” (office above his garage) at 6123 SE Reed College Place.

The meeting is called for the ENA Board to consider whether to authorize the Land Use Committee to act on behalf of the board to file a 120-day delay notice with the City of Portland on proposed housing demolitions within the neighborhood.

Specifically, the proposed motion for board consideration and action is, “The ENA Board hereby confers authority to the ENA Land Use committee to approve, sign, and file documents with the city to invoke 120-day demolition delay for cause and consistent with Board objectives. The Board shall be provided with a summary of cause for the proposed filing and the Board secretary shall be provided a copy of the filing document.”

There is an additional funding request for $500, “if needed by the Land Use committee, for testing and illustrating proposals for the plan district implementation plan.”

The meeting agenda and additional information are available here.