ENA Board Meeting, Thursday, July 19th, 7-9 PM, Reed College, Elliot 416

DRAFT AGENDA (click here for printable PDF)

6:55       Sign-in (5 minutes)

7:00       Introductions, name cards (10 minutes)

7:10       Approval of the agenda – (5 minutes)

7:15       Approval of Meeting Notes – May, June, and Annual Meeting, Amy Light (10 minutes)

7:25       Quarterly Treasurer’s Report – David Dowell (15 minutes)

7:40       Formation of Green Spaces Maintenance Funding Task Force– Rod Merrick (15 minutes). Purpose: Equitable funding and financing for care and enhancement of Eastmoreland’s publicly owned spaces. Discussion. 

7:55       Committee Reports

  • Tree Committee. Planting, pruning, Survey; Tim Moore/ Catherine Mushel (5 minutes)
  • Communications Committee: Kristiana Nelson/Andy Payne. (15 minutes)
    – Report on letter to address misuse of the Eastmoreland.org website
    – Sub-Committee to work on website update (names)
    – Sub-Committee to work on historic records organization
    -Newsletter- call for articles
  • Land Use Committee: Land Use, HD Update; Rod Merrick (10 minutes)
    • RIP project Update
    • Historic District Update
  • Reed College Place Committee – Clark Nelson/Robert McCullough (5 minutes)
  • Schools Committee- (5 minutes). PTA assignment of neighborhood cleanup proceeds.
  • Public Safety- (5 minutes)

8:40       Member Request to discuss 1988 “ENA Land-Use Review Committee”. Tom Brown (15 minutes).  See attached document.

8: 55      Final Comments and Adjourn 

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