ENA Board Votes to Proceed with the Historic District Nomination

On Thursday night, March 16th, the ENA board, with all 19 members in attendance, voted to proceed with the Historic District nomination for Eastmoreland. The vote breakdown was as follows:

Yes: 13
No: 3
Abstain: 3

The neighborhood poll on the Historic District was a non-binding advisory poll. It was not a vote. The content, structure, and language of the poll was hotly contested up until the day, and even after, it was sent to the printer. While there were board members who spoke on behalf of “the board” before the outcome was known, there were many members who never publicly stated how they would ultimately regard the results. The poll was only one of many factors that board members took into account.

The Spring edition of the ENA Newsletter will include a summary from each board member of the rationale for their decision. The newsletter should be mailed to every resident in mid-April.