2018 4th of July Parade

Celebrate the Fourth of July at the 24th annual neighborhood parade!

The route will start and end at Duniway Elementary. The parade will start at 11AM at Rex St. and Reed College Place and proceed north 3 blocks to Claybourne and then return in the southbound lane.

Friends and neighbors are encouraged to decorate bikes, scooters, strollers, yourself, kids, dogs – anything and anybody – to get into the red, white and blue spirit! You can watch the parade or be a part of and follow the procession.

At the conclusion of the parade, everyone is invited to congregate at the Duniway blacktop for hot dogs courtesy of Otto’s Sausage Kitchen and sodas provided by New Seasons Market on Woodstock. It’s a great chance to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.

Volunteers are much appreciated. For more information, contact Steve Calderaro at 650-544-6940 or at

Crowd control note:

In the interest of the safety for those who will be walking or riding in the parade, please stay behind the cars. There will be a clown leading the general participant portion of the parade and giving out candy. We ask that you stay behind the clown.

2018 Eastmoreland Neighborhood and Duniway PTA Clean-up

Date to be announced.

8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location: Duniway Elementary School,
corner of SE Rex and SE Reed College

Cost: $30 – $50, depending on load size;
additional fee for tires. Click here for details.


** All proceeds benefit the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association and the Duniway
School PTA! **