Provide re-zoning testimony through the map app

Attention Eastmoreland neighbors!

For the first time in decades, there are proposals on the table to re-zone areas of the neighborhood. Every Eastmoreland resident can weigh in with comments and suggestions. The Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association applied for a zone change last December, based on Land Use Committee member Meg Merrick’s study of the average lot size for the neighborhood. See the full text here. The analysis demonstrated that Eastmoreland’s lot sizes were more closely aligned with the current definition of an “R-7″ zone (where the minimum lot size is 4200 square feet) than our present “R-5″ designation (minimum lot size 3,000 square feet). Our average lot size exceeds 6900 SF. The city’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability agreed with the need to revise the designation but, using its own analysis, recommended that only the area west of SE 36th be re-zoned in the Comprehensive Plan. That’s a start!

But we could lose the re-zoning initiative if we drop the ball now.

The first draft of the Comp Plan was just released on July 21st. It is essential that those of us who wish to preserve trees, green spaces, quality architecture, and house-size-to-lot-size proportions of Eastmoreland (in the face of the increasingly aggressive “demolition derby”) respond equally aggressively to the city’s request for comments on their “Map App”. Testimony from people who include their name and address will be made part of the official record.

Eastmoreland is zoned “R-5” now. “R-5” used to mean “no lot smaller than 5,000 square feet”. As recent demolitions have proved, “R-5” zoning does not protect our neighborhood from demolition and lot-splitting. The Plan District we are developing will impact design elements of new construction. A Historic District would protect some houses, but not all of them. It does not prevent demolition and lot-splitting. RE-ZONING is the “big win”. But we need your help.  Please take a few minutes to visit the “Map App” link below.  What happens during the next few months will dramatically impact the livability of our beloved neighborhood.

How do I provide testimony?
  •  Through the Map App (now live) to
  •  By email: Send comments to with “Comprehensive Plan Testimony” in the subject line.
  • By mail: Send a letter with your comments to the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC), 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 7100, Portland, OR 97201-5380.
  •  In person: Attend a public hearing in the fall to offer oral testimony directly to the Planning and Sustainability Commission. Check the Comprehensive Plan Calendar for dates, times and locations. The calendar is located here:

Tips for using Map App:  the link is

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