18th Eastmoreland Neighborhood Cleanup, July 30th, 9-1

Duniway School —Corner of Rex and Reed College Place
Fee of $20-$50, depending on load size. Fee proceeds benefit ENA.
Eastmoreland residents only – ID may be required.

Items We Accept: Yard Debris, Waste Wood, Bulky Waste, Scrap Metal, Reusables, Tires, Non-Freon Appliances, Styrofoam, dry & empty paint cans and Tires (Note: Tires have additional Disposal Fee).  New Service!:  Secure onsite paper shredding. 

Items We Can’t Accept: CONTRACTOR LOADS, Rock, Brick, Sod, Sand, Gravel, Dirt,
and No Hazardous Waste. No Metro prohibited materials, including but not limited to food garbage, plaster, concrete, dirt, sheet rock, batteries, construction/demolition materials, or hazardous materials.* * Paint, aerosol cans, liquids, et cetera. Paint cans with lids off and dried paint are okay. NO MATERIAL POSSIBLY CONTAINING ASBESTOS   For information about where asbestos may be found, visit www.epa.gov/asbestos/learn-about-asbestos.

Remember…you can recycle your cardboard, paper, plastic and glass at your home curbside!

We’re looking for volunteers to work the cleanup!
Volunteer sign-up deadline: July 28, 2016

Questions? Please contact Matt: 503-453-4289,  matt.morozovsky@gmail.com