A Message from Reed College (re: the Coronavirus crisis)

Dear Reed Neighbors,

We want to thank all our neighbors who are sharing campus while respecting the social-distancing guidance and obeying our leash rules. Thanks for helping to keep everyone safe.

Because campus is seeing increased use, we have initiated a few new temporary rules that will take the whole community to help implement. We have made the canyon trail one-direction only. We are directing all foot traffic to move clockwise on the trail. Signs have been placed all around the trail directing walkers and joggers, and reminding them to maintain a distance of 6-feet from other parties.

We have also made the canyon bridge that crosses near Eliot hall to the residence halls a single lane. There are signs at either end instructing crossers to let those who are already on the bridge exit before the next party enters.

The serpentine bridge near Reed’s newer dorms is wide enough to allow for safe social distancing. Reed is glad we can provide a space for neighbors to come together while staying apart. We are all in this together and it will take all our cooperation to make it work.

Thanks for your continued cooperation!