Elm Inoculation Project – Summer 2013

On June 1, 2013, volunteers will join in inoculating about 90 mature American Elm trees in the neighborhood against Dutch Elm disease. The inoculation area this year includes the area bounded by 33rd and 36th and Knapp to Woodstock and all of Martins.

Dutch Elm disease is caused by a fungus spread by elm bark beetles. Pruning dead or damaged limbs and periodically injecting the tree with fungicide helps keep the disease at bay. The fungicide makes the trees resistant to it, but it does not eradicate the disease. In the past 10 years, about 3% of the Eastmoreland Elms have died of the disease, in spite of inoculation.

The inoculant costs around $200 per mature Elm tree. Removing a diseased Elm tree can cost up to $3000, so prevention is definitely cost effective. We do the inoculation in cooperation with the City of Portland. By using volunteers, we save the neighborhood $500 to $800 per tree.

Tree Inoculation Day is a wonderful chance to meet people and support and maintain the beauty of Eastmoreland. We can’t do it without your help! We begin at 8:30 a.m. with a gourmet breakfast and a training session. We will then break into teams and inoculate Elms in the designated area. We’ll be done around 12:30-1:00 p.m., and a second dandy meal will be provided, including soft drinks, beer and wine.

There are two ways to help:
1) Volunteer on inoculation day (NOTE that a new, faster inoculation method results in no breakage or spills);
2) Make a fully tax deductible contribution to help cover the cost of inoculation (about $12,000). Send check to ENA, P.O. Box 82520, Portland, OR 91282.

Feel free to call Denny Stenzel, Inoculation Coordinator, Eastmoreland Tree Committee at (503) 777-6651 if you’d like to volunteer or have any questions.


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