ENA Annual Meeting of the Members, Thursday, May 17th, 7:30-9 PM, Reed College, Vollum Hall, Lecture

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Members will take place on Thursday, May 17th, 7:30-9:00 p.m., at Reed College, Vollum Hall, Lecture.

The election of Directors, for seven open seats of the ENA Board, will take place before and during the meeting (6:00-9:00 p.m.) in the lobby outside of Vollum Hall, Lecture. For more information about the election, click here; for a list of candidates and statements, click here.


Draft Agenda

7:15        Doors open. Registration and Member voting by ballot is ongoing as above.

7:30        Meeting Called to Order – Welcome and Overview, Rod Merrick, Board President

7:35        Agenda Additions and Approval by the Board – George Bengston, Board Secretary                   and Chair, Elections Committee.

7:40        State of the Association and Committee Reports

  • Annual Financial Report – Heidi Levy, Board Treasurer
  • Communications Committee – Kristiana Nelson, Board VP and Co-chair
  • Bylaws Committee – Rod Merrick, Committee Chair (Dinah Adkins presenting)
  • Tree Committee – Tim Moore, Board Liason
  • Reed College Place Committee – Robert McCullough, Co-chair
  • Land Use – Clark Nelson, Co-chair
  • Schools Committee
  • Events (4th of July)

8:15        Topics of Member Concern (Members will have the opportunity to comment with time constraints on the following requested topics and others that may be confirmed during the finalization of the agenda)Save the Giants

  • Residential Infill Project
  • Future of Street Trees
  • Transportation Issues (buses, parking, sidewalks)
  • Status of the Historic District (present and future considerations only)
  • Other

9:00        Wrap up and Adjourn