ENA Board Meeting, Thursday, Oct. 18th, 7-9 PM, Reed College, Elliot Hall, Rm 416

DRAFT AGENDA  (click here for a printable PDF)

6:55     Sign-in (5 minutes)

7:00       Introductions, name cards – (5 minutes)

7:10       Approval of the agenda – (5 minutes)

7:15       Approval of Meeting Notes –Review and adoption of September, acting secretary (5 minutes)

7:20       November Agenda Legislative Preview- questions for state legislators.

7:25       Announcements – other than committee reports

7:30       Quarterly Budget Report – Report and discussion of committee budget requests (15 minutes)             

7:45       Committee Reports       

  • Tree Committee. Effectiveness of the Dutch elm inoculation program–Jerry Beatty.   Importance of Tree Survey and Inventory Update. Planting Update.(25 minutes)


  • Schools Committee- Report on PTA meeting. Matt Timberlake (5 minutes)
  • Neighborhood Cleanup Committee: Approve PTA Agreement. Matt M. (5 minutes)
  • Green Spaces Maintenance Funding Task Force – Report on preliminary ideas and schedule Clark Nelson & Allyson Peterson (10 minutes)
  • Communications Committee: Newsletter- Publish date for winter reminder.
  • Land Use Update: Rod Merrick (15 minutes)
    • Non-compliant external ADU report- letter to BDS request
    • RIP project comments
    • Historic District Update (if any)
  • SEUL Land  Use and Transportation Report (5 minutes)
  • Member request – Tom Brown request that the Board discuss requiring a land use committee meeting separate from the regular Board meeting. (5 minutes)

8:55       Final Comments and Adjourn

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