What has been happening in Eastmoreland in 2012 … And How Can I Help in 2013?

What has been happening in Eastmoreland in 2012 …

We are pleased to share with you the results of a tremendous year of challenges and achievement for the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association. We want to express our thanks for the countless hours and talent given by many volunteers to help make this neighborhood an exceptional place to call home. As important, recognition and huge thanks to the 220 plus households that voluntarily contributed more than $28,000 (about $127 per household!) last year to ensure our neighborhood’s successes. This funding as well as extraordinary amount of volunteer time helped us with the following:

1) We reached a settlement with Union Pacific Railroad that that will further implement emissions-reducing technologies in Brooklyn Yard and minimize operational noise.

2) Neighborhood volunteers with engineering, architectural and transportation experience worked withTriMet to improve the design of the forthcoming Bybee light rail station. Opening in 2015, the stop will have improved safe access to and from the MAX platform for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit riders.

3) Dozens of volunteers turned out on a beautiful spring day to inoculate more than one hundred elm trees in our neighborhood from disease and decay.

4) The Eastmoreland Garden continues to be a beautiful and well-cared-for gateway to our neighborhood. Thanks in part to brick sales as well as donations we are able to provide professional maintenance that makes this garden a true stand out in our community.

5) The median and Linden trees of Reed College Place, the centerpiece of our neighborhood, continues to benefit from professional landscaping after many years of neglect. We are continuing to work with the city to ensure it is properly maintained.

6) In July and manned by volunteers motivated by pizza and goodwill, our neighborhood cleanup, (in collaboration with Reedway Neighborhood), enabled many households to dispose of tons of old materials, some of which would be recycled, re-sold or suitable for reuse elsewhere.

7) The annual garage sale brought hundreds of interested customers to our neighborhood in June. 150 homes paid a registration fee to hold the sale with proceeds going directly to ENA causes.

8) More than one thousand people turned out for our annual Fourth of July parade, quite possibly our largest one yet.

9) Our ENA newsletter, coordinated by three of your neighbors is delivered three times a year to 1,600 Eastmoreland homes. In 2012 it raised over $6,000 in advertising that went directly to ENA causes. (we
don’t have to pay for printing thanks to ODS Companies and Bill TenPas who underwrite all printing costs). So, as you can see, we all have much to be proud of in our Eastmoreland community and should be thankful for the generosity of time and resources that were provided in 2012 by our neighbors.

So, what is in store for Eastmoreland in 2013?

.. And How Can I Help in 2013?

For 2013 we have existing (i.e. maintaining our various green spaces) as well as new responsibilities and challenges that require our attention, volunteer time and financial resources. Here are a few examples:

1) We’ve seen a significant increase in the demolition of fine older homes in this neighborhood to make way for newer homes (in some cases more than one on a former single lot) without notification to neighbors and with risk to our neighborhood’s character. Through the dedicated and very capable Land Use Committee we are working to stay informed of changes to the City of Portland’s comprehensive land use plans so we can understand the potential implications for our community. (Please see attached article by Rod Merrick for more details).

2) We are working with Portland Public Schools and Portland Parks and Recreation to mitigate the impacts on neighboring homes of portable toilets at Duniway’s field.

3) We have managed so far to restrict the placement of cell phone towers on our streets and near our homes, but this will require our continued attention and focus.

4) We will be improving our neighborhood’s website, www.eastmoreland.org, and our communications efforts through various media.

5) The board is working on a strategic planning effort to strengthen our work and our relationships with the Duniway School administration and PTA, Reed College, the City of Portland and other partners.

6) On a lighter note, we will have our first Dog Show this September. Think about donating your time and your dog’s talents for this fun fundraiser. (See notice in this newsletter for more details).

How can I make a difference in my neighborhood?

As you well know, we have a great neighborhood and bright future. However, it will require your continued involvement and commitment to maintain and enhance our community. Please consider any or all of the following:

  • Make a financial donation to the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (we are a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible). We suggest $150 per household, but it can be at whatever level you are comfortable. Donations can be mailed to: Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, PO Box 82520, Portland, OR 97282.
  • Attend our monthly Neighborhood Association board meetings (third Thursday, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Duniway School library).
  • Join a committee!
  • Volunteer your time to help at an event such as Elm Inoculation, 4th of July Parade, Dog Show, Annual Clean Up,write articles for the ENA newsletter, etc.

We hope you share our pride in our accomplishments for 2012 and that you will consider contributing your time and treasure to make 2013 our best year yet.

Your Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association Board